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The photograph of Salif Keita is thanks to Jimmie Wing of the Wing Gang

a clipping found in SMPL/Fairview- there are 6 b/w photos on the page, credit for all pix: DeCou, Burton Holmes, Ewing Galloway, Acme Pix. Caption: British East African musicians in ceremonial decorations provide music for a native festival. These African drums are called tom-toms.

a clipping found in SMPL/Fairview- from National Geographic, credit: Kodachrome by Enzo de Chetelat. Caption: Nearly every town in coastal French Guinea and neighboring Sierra Leone has a xylophone, one of the few native instruments which is not only used for tempo, but also carries a tune. This small village orchestra has two of the popular music makers. Mrs. Laura C. Boulton in her native African travels described in "Timbutu and Beyond" made recording of the varied vocal and instrumentsl music of many tribes.

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Niger River, Niamey, Niger.

color photo inside the Lonely Planet Travel Book on Kenya (ISBN 0-86442-202-4). I looked throughout the book but could not find any photograph credits. Caption: Voi bus station

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Senegalese boat....... carver.

(see bus.jpg for credits)Caption: Turkana camp, Lake Turkana.

(see bus.jpg for credits)Caption: Amboseli National Park

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Mossi women at well, Burkina Faso

color photo on cover of the Lonely Planet Travel Book on West Africa (ISBN 0-86442-137-0). In the book they thank the National Museum of African Art in Washington for the use of their photographs, along w/ photographers: Jerry Johnson, Claire Lewis, and Albert Votow.

b/w photo found in SMPL/Fairview book: Great Ages of Man: Affrican Kingdoms by Basil Davidson and the Editors of Time-Life Books. Caption: A court drummer beats a rhythmic tattoo. Bini (a Benin native) musicians also played bells, gourd rattles, and elephant tusk trumpets. At upper right is a container of kola nuts, chewed as a stimulant; modern cola drinks contain the same ingredient.

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Barbor shop in Bobo Diolasso, Burkina Faso

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Dogon rabbit-mask dancers, Mali.

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Dan masked stilt dancer and musicians, Man region, Cote d'Ivoire.

(see Kora1.jpg for credits) Caption: Men's togu-na with altar overlooking houses and granaries, Dogon village, Mali.

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